Welcome to 8th grade Math :)

Welcome to 8th Grade Math! 


Welcome to Mrs. Campeau's 8th Grade Language Arts class!

         A year of challenge and exciting learning experiences awaits you!

First Marking Period Focus:

Literature text- short stories, autobiographical and personal essays

Writing-Extended Constructive responses, Descriptive: Personal Essay

Independent novel- student choice with follow-up discussion in literature circles and responding to literature project

Class novel- Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck



Do you know who exclaimed "Eureka" and why? A famous mathematician was pondering a problem a long time ago and suddenly thought of how to solve it. Welcome to the new 8th grade GO MATH and Algebra 1 curriculums where we will work cooperatively and individually to find solutions to a myriad of math problems which adhere to our New Jersey Student Learning Standards: number theory, expressions and equations, functions, geometry, and statistics. It is a year to investigate, explore, and discover!! You can start by investigating the stories behind eureka and myriad using sites listed in my course.

This is a site for all of Miss Kemp's 7th and 8th Grade students with information and helpful information for Science, Social Studies, Mathand Language Arts.

We will Google Meet as long as we are using Distance Learning.  The link to join the Meet is: Google Meet: To join the video meeting, click this link: https://meet.google.com/pwk-hgvk-vnu
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 339-645-9145 and enter this PIN: 226 515 842#

Welcome to US History!  This class is designed to study all aspects of US History from the end of the French and Indian War through post-Civil War Reconstruction. 

Additionally, we will be examining US Government and Civics.  

We will concern ourselves with little-known and well-known facts and events.  We will be looking at the role of greed and conflict in shaping the history of our country.  In the end, we want to understand how we got where we are and all the critical decision points that drove us here.

You will not be using the MOODLE for this class.  Simply click on the hyperlink below to access everything you will need.

History and Civics with the Colonel